Deer Processing



We are accepting deer trimmings until June 1, 2022.  If you miss the cut-off date hold your trim until the season opens in the fall.                                                                                       

Whole Deer Processing Deposit                          $100.00

Carry In Trimmings Processing Deposit          $75.00

Deer Skinning                                                                    $30.00

Cape Mount                                                                       $65.00

Cleaning Fee for Home Skinned                             $10.00

Processing - dressed carcass weight.             $1.19/lb.

Processing - Quarters to bone & process      $1.29/lb.

Summer Sausage - Gold Medal Winner         $3.39/lb.

Summer Sausage w/Cheese                                 $3.49/lb.

Summer Sausage w/Jalapeno & Cheese      $3.59/lb.

Summer Sausage w/Beef                                        $3.69/lb.

Deer Jerky (yield 50%)                                                $4.25/lb.

Snack Stix (yield 80%)                                                 $4.19/lb.

Snack Stix w/Cheese (yield 85%)                          $4.29/lb.

Snack Stix  Honey BBQ                                                    $4.39/lb.

Snack Stix W/Cheese&Jalapeno (yield 85%)   $4.39/lb.                   

Bologna                                                                                $3.09/lb.

Peppered Sweet Bologna                                            $4.39/lb.

Smoked Bratwurst w/Pepper Cheese              $3.25/lb.

Fresh Bratwurst                                                              $3.09/lb.

Breakfast Sausage                                                       $3.09/lb.

Bacon                                                                                    $3.39/lb.

Be-Bobs                                                                               $3.09/lb.

Naturally aged s/s (yield 65%)                               $4.25/lb.

Here are some guidelines for boneless deer meat check-in:

1. No black trash bags

2. No scented trash bags

3. Have the meat IN a bag (Ziploc,white bag, etc.)

4. No loose meat in a cooler

5. No loose meat on ice

6. You will save money if you debone all of the meat

7. Don't add water to the meat before freezing

 Following these will help to achieve a quick check-in process.  

Here is a list of required information we will need to check in your deer:

1. Name

2. Address

3. Phone number

4. Confirmation number

5. Conservation number

6. Deposit-whole deer $100 each boneless deer $75 each order

Please pick up your deer order within 30 days of being contacted

to avoid a $25.00 PER MONTH storage fee.  

If you need to call regarding your deer order, we MUST HAVE YOUR DEER NUMBER in order to locate your order.  This number is located on the deer order/receipt we gave you when your deer was checked in.  We appreciate your cooperation and wish you a safe and successful hunt.

If you are having a cape mount done, please allow extra time to wait for the mount. 

We will send it with you the same day.  We are NOT responsible for any deer heads left here.

Please note these changes:  Whole deer: from Missouri only, boneless meat: from all states.  If you are bringing an out-of-state deer, mule deer, elk or any wild game, it HAS TO BE BONELESS MEAT ONLY (NO EXCEPTIONS).  If your deer was given to you, you MUST provide the deer confirmation # and conservation # (NO EXCEPTIONS).  If you do not have this information, we will NOT process your deer.  There will not be an overnight drop off cooler anymore due to the new regulations on the out-of-state rules.