Slaughter                             12¢ lb. on carcass wt.

Processing                        78¢/lb.                         Split sides                            82¢/lb.

Beef Patties                          75¢/lb.

Tenderizing                           28¢/lb.

Grinding                                15¢/lb.             

Vacuum Packing                   $1.00/lb.              Disposal                                 $22.00/hd.             

On inspected beef add USDA Testing Fee $110.00/hd.

Hang Fee for more than 18 day hang time   $25.00/hd.

If you are splitting a half beef you MUST cut each 1/4 the same.  

When bringing in livestock please provide a list of names & phone numbers of who is getting it.  Please have your recipient call to give cutting instructions the same day.  If we have to contact you, we will charge a $5.00 fee starting immediately.

You must have an appointment to have a hog or beef butchered. Please call us at 573-324-2247 to schedule. We butcher hogs on Tuesdays, and beef on Thursdays. It is best to call at least 6 months in advance if at all possible.  

Please be advised any order not picked up within 10 days of notification, will be charged a $35  storage fee. Orders not picked up after 20 days will be $75 storage fee.   

Hog Processing

Slaughter                                 $30.00/hd.       250-349#- $35.00/hd. 350# & ↑- $40.00/hd.

Processing                                 78¢/lb.              ½ hogs – 82¢/lb.

Curing                                            75¢/lb.                        

Porkburgers                            75¢/lb.

Sausage Patties              85¢/lb.                       

Sausage Links                     85¢/lb.

Fresh Brats/Fresh Polish          $1.00/lb.

Italian Sausage                                        $1.00/lb.  

Disposal                                                                $12.00/hd.

Lard Carton                                                    $6.50 each

Vacuum Packaging                                $1.00/lb.

Carry-in Curing                                 75¢/lb.                            Processing               80¢/lb.

Bone-Out Ham                                  $3.00 each

Rendering                                                    20¢ lb.

On a 1/2 hog you get 1 sausage item, on a whole hog 2 items from trimmings...sausage, patties, links or porkburgers


Slaughter                   $30.00/hd

Processing                85¢/lb

Disposal Fee          $10.00/hd.