Slaughter                                 $50.00/hd           10¢/lb. over 500 lb. carcass wt.

Processing                                69¢/lb.                       Split sides   79¢/lb.

Beef Patties                                  50¢/lb.

Tenderizing                                   25¢/lb.

Grinding                                     15¢/lb.             Corned Beef                              $3.50/lb.

Vacuum Packing                          75¢/lb.              Disposal                                 $20.00/hd.             Hot Dogs  (min. 100 lbs.)            $2.00/lb.

On inspected beef add USDA Testing Fee $100.00/hd.

Hang Fee for more than 18 day hang time   $25.00/hd.

You must have an appointment to have a hog or beef butchered. Please call us at 573-324-2247 to schedule. We butcher hogs on Tuesdays, and beef on Thursdays. It is best to call at least 1 month in advance if at all possible.  

Please be advised any order not picked up within 30 days of notification, will be charged a $10 per week storage fee.  

Hog Processing

Slaughter                                 $28.00/hd.       250-349#- $33.00/hd. 350# & ↑- $38.00/hd.

Processing                                 65¢/lb.             ½ hogs – 69¢/lb.

Curing                                       60¢/lb.                        

Peppered Bacon                        75¢/lb.

Porkburgers                               50¢/lb.

Sausage Patties                         60¢/lb.                       

Sausage Links                           75¢/lb.

Fresh Brats/Fresh Polish          95¢/lb.

Italian Sausage                         95¢/lb.  

Smoked Sausage                      $1.89/lb.

Pre-Cooked Brats                       $1.89/lb .

Head Cheese                                   $10.00/hd                                

Apple Maple Brats                   $1.50/lb.                

BBQ Pulled Pork                    $3.75/lb.

Disposal                                  $10.00/hd.

Lard Carton                            $6.00 each

Vacuum Packaging                 25¢/lb.

Carry-in Curing                       70¢/lb.                            Processing               65¢/lb.

Bone-Out Ham                       $3.00 each

Rendering                               15¢ lb.


Slaughter                   $28.00/hd

Processing                75¢/lb

Disposal Fee                $7.50/hd.

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