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Gift Box #101

Our original 8 oz beef/pork summer sausage, 4 oz cheese, 4 oz snack sticks and 1.4 oz mustard

box 2.jpg

Gift Box #201

Two 8 oz  summer sausages, 8 oz cheese, 1 oz snack stick, 1.4 oz mustard
box under tree.jpg
Gift Box #301
Two 8 oz summer sausages, two 4 oz snack sticks, 8 oz cheese & 1.4 oz mustard
Box 4.jpg

Gift Box #401

8 oz Venison summer sausage, two 8 oz variety summer sausage, 8 oz cheese, crackers, 1.4 oz mustard 4 oz snack sticks
cmas box 5.jpg

Gift Box #501

Two 8 oz summer sausages, 8 oz cheese, crackers, 4 oz snack sticks, 4 oz beef jerky, 8 oz Venison summer sausage

We reserve the right to substitute in the event of out of stock item(s).  We will substitute with a similar item of equal or greater value.  

December 19 is our last shipping day before Dec 25.  We do not guarantee delivery before Christmas on orders placed on or after Dec 19.

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